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Vanquish, released on December 2nd 2016, was the eleventh public album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirty-fifth overall. It was another epic genre album and, notably, only the second public album to feature only new compositions, succeeding Colin Frake on Fire Mountain. It was dedicated to Nick Phoenix's son, Jack Phoenix, after his death late in the previous year.

Felicia Farerre reprised her role as vocalist, being featured in ten songs, accompanied by Asja Kadric on half of them, and Nick Phoenix on two (one of which was alongside the other two vocalists). Jenifer Thigpen, of Illusions fame, also appeared on Stallion while new vocalist Linea Adamson provided the lyrics for Dangerous, along with Thomas Bergersen himself.

Track List Edit

# Title Composer From Later Released On Vocalist Featured
1 Fall of the Fountain World Nick Phoenix N/A Impossible Felicia Farerre, Asja Kadric and Nick Phoenix (uncredited)
2 Pegasus Thomas Bergersen N/A Impossible Felicia Farerre
3 Vanquish Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre and Nick Phoenix (uncredited)
4 New World Order Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A N/A
5 Future Guardian Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre & Asja Kadric
6 Enchantress Thomas Bergersen N/A Impossible N/A
7 Final Kingdom Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre
8 His Brightest Star Was You Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A Felicia Farerre
9 Siege Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre
10 Evergreen Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A N/A
11 The Ring of Winter Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre & Asja Kadric
12 Stallion Thomas Bergersen N/A Impossible Jenifer Thigpen
13 Turin Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre & Asja Kadric
14 High C's Thomas Bergersen N/A Impossible N/A
15 Forge Nick Phoenix N/A N/A Felicia Farerre & Asja Kadric
16 Dangerous Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A Linea Adamson & Thomas Bergersen (uncredited)
17 Inferni Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A N/A

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of two public albums to only feature completely new songs, alongside Colin Frake on Fire Mountain.
  • This is the first public album whose title name is derived from the title of a song composed by Nick Phoenix.
  • This is the eighth time that Thomas Bergersen is featured more than Nick Phoenix, with nine to his eight.
  • This is the first time that all of the tracks by a composer feature vocals of some kind.
  • Jenifer Thigpen had also been featured on A Place In Heaven and Sonera (alongside Colin O'Malley) on Thomas Bergersen's solo album Illusions.
  • This is the first time since SkyWorld that both composers are featured as vocalists, although both here provide only uncredited backing lyrics.
  • Excluding Demon's Dance and Legacy, Forge is Phoenix's 100th song released under the TSFH label.
  • This album has the third longest average track length, 4.01 minutes, after Unleashed and Dragon.
  • Thomas Bergersen mentioned that "Pegasus" and "His Brightest Star Was You" were some of the tracks he worked hardest on for this album.
  • Enchantress was originally going to be sung by Felicia in a musical style, but this version didn't make the final cut.

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