Uyanga Bold (alternatively spelled Úyanga Bold) is a soundtrack vocalist and composer that has been featured on both Unleashed and Dragon. Prior to Two Steps from Hell, she worked with Nick Phoenix on his vocal library "Voices of the West." She has released several solo albums and been featured on several non-TSFH epic tracks.

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Úyanga Bold is an internationally acclaimed Soundtrack Vocalist from Mongolia based in Los Angeles.

FORBES Magazine says: “her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” (May ‘13 issue, Romania), and COSMOPOLITAN Magazine nominated her as Best Female Singer of the Year (Sept ‘13 issue, Mongolia).

Úyanga is best recognized for her work as a vocal soloist with the Masterpiece Experience and the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra performing Hans Zimmer’s “Batman: The Dark Knight” Suite, which garnered over ten million views.

Her studio singing work includes Comedy Central’s TV series Drunk History, the feature film The Ballad of Lefty Brown and The Chainbreakers, a Chinese Tibet-themed epic film to name a few. Úyanga is also featured solo vocalist for the popular epic neo-classical production Two Steps From Hell.

As a concert soloist, Úyanga performed in Beijing, China, at the League of Legends eSports World Championship Finals, at the Boston Symphony Hall with the Video Game Orchestra, at The Tenerife International Film Music Festival in Spain with the Masterpiece Experience and the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

For video game soundtracks, her solo voice is heard on Blizzard Entertainment's OverwatchHero Wars 2, multiple Riot Games' League of Legends projects, as well as in big Chinese market productions: Tencent’s Moonlight Blade, Honor of Kings, Grains and Revelation Online.

Úyanga sang on Disney and Google Japan projects, as well as on a special commission from the Boston Ballet which also garnered millions of views.

An incomparable talent and force”, from She also received praise from publications like TNE Magazine, NEWSWEEK Mongolia, and Trailer Music Vibe, and appeared on international television and radio broadcasts as a performer and as a guest.

The upcoming “Voices of the Empire” vocal library from premier award winning virtual instrument makers East West Sounds / Quantum Leap is made of Úyanga’s distinctive ethnic vocals inspired by Mongolian traditional “Urtiin Duu”, Bulgarian and Eastern vocal traditions.

Úyanga studied voice performance at the prestigious Berklee College of Music as the first Mongolian at the institution. During that time, she represented Mongolia and Asia in the “Rhythm of the Universe” and performed as a vocal soloist at the Boston Symphony Hall with the Video Game Orchestra, for Harvard honoring Bill and Chelsea Clinton for their health work award ceremony, press conferences at the Paramount Theatre for Outside the Box Festival and more. She also won several awards with her own band, and performed with Grammy Award winner Angelique Kidjo and the Women of the World, and Grammy and American Music Award nominated artist Blu Cantrell.

She recently contributed additional music as featured vocalist in the award-winning film Madagasikara (2018).

When she is not working as a soundtrack vocalist, Úyanga records original music and performs regularly as a multi-instrumentalist loop artist with frame drum, sitar, guitar, hang drum and piano.

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Public Albums Edit

Unleashed Edit

Dragon Edit

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Full-Length Albums Edit

  • Resonance
  • Odyssey

Singles Edit

  • Horizons (with Raouf Rectobiasi)
  • Machiavelli
  • We Can
  • Redemption
  • Rise

Collaborations Edit

Singles Edit

  • Zeus is the DJ by Cirprian Costin & Ivan Torrent
  • Superhero by Logik
  • Burning of the Dead by Stephan Baer
  • Sirens of Pandora by Stephan Baer
  • Cloudmakers by Stephan Baer
  • Point of No Return by Peter Roe
  • The Empress by Peter Roe
  • Children of Aleppo by James Alexander
  • Passionate by Valentin Boomes
  • Spirits on Earth by Valentin Boomes & Ivan Torrent
  • Luminous by J.T. Peterson

Albums Edit

Volume II by Scott Benson Band Edit
  • Ai Rindo
Until it Hurts OST by Dirk Ehlert Edit
  • Nine Eleven
Earth by Michael Maas Edit
  • Earth
Ronin by Peter Roe Edit
  • Bushido
  • Sakura
  • Farewell to Hero
  • Honorable Death
  • Ronin
Mantra by Socos Dúo Edit
  • Back to the Land
  • Mantra
  • Catharsis
G.R.P.V.E: Villain by SICWEST Edit
  • Crown Vicky/24 Inch Wheels
Days of Tomorrow (Deluxe Edition) by R. Armando Morabito Edit
  • Invictus
Sapient by Steven Chesne Edit
  • Words of Mohammed: Oh God, You Are Peace
The Ballad of Lefty Brown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by H. Scott Salinas Edit
  • Reunion
  • Tom Meets His Maker
Genesis by Liquid Crystal Edit
  • Luminescence
Lucifer by Light And Darkness Edit
  • Abbadon Grand Marshal Of Hell
  • Paradise Lost
A World of Color by End of Silence Edit
  • Nova
Rakasha by Jo Blankenburg Edit
  • Anumati
  • Merkaba
  • Totem
Battle Angel by Really Slow Motion Edit
  • Aleyla
Elements by Dirk Ehlert Edit
  • Elements
  • Burning Sky
  • Dragons' Den
Second Earth by The X-Motion Edit
  • Exusia
Weighted Ground by Colossal Trailer Music Edit
  1. Believe
  2. Ethereal
Submersive by Colossal Trailer Music Edit
  • Paralyzed
  • Han Dure the Sailor
League of Legends Original Soundtrack Edit
  • Xayah and Rakan, the Rebel and the Charmer
  • Neeko, the Curious Chameleon
Entering Light by Secession Studios Edit
  • Hereafter
  • Luminosa
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