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Information Edit

Trapstar, released in April 2018, was the twenty-fifth industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirty-ninth overall. It was composed solely by Nick Phoenix and was an experimental hip-hop album.

Track List Edit

  1. Gang by Nick Phoenix
  2. Pull Up by Nick Phoenix
  3. Temple of Thong by Nick Phoenix
  4. Get That Drink by Nick Phoenix
  5. Jump On by Nick Phoenix
  6. Invasion by Nick Phoenix
  7. Sake Song by Nick Phoenix
  8. Friday the 14th by Nick Phoenix
  9. Is Stan Fool 1 by Nick Phoenix
  10. Is Stan Fool 2 by Nick Phoenix
  11. Who Fire by Nick Phoenix
  12. Jucin by Nick Phoenix
  13. Goolag by Nick Phoenix
  14. Pool Bitches by Nick Phoenix
  15. Julian A is Dead by Nick Phoenix
  16. Elks Club by Nick Phoenix
  17. Hoodrich Horseman by Nick Phoenix
  18. Dark Star by Nick Phoenix

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first industry album, as well as the first overall, to be released in 2018.
  • This is the third industry album to be composed solely by Nick Phoenix.
  • This is the first hip-hop album to be released by the group.
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