The Devil Wears Nada
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The Devil Wears Nada is the tenth industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the tenth released overall. Published in 2009, it featured light and humorous songs. As of 2016, only five songs have been rereleased to the public on albums Invincible, Demon's Dance, Halloween, Classics Volume One, Legacy and Classics Volume Two.

Official Website DescriptionEdit

Two Steps From Hell Devil Wears Nada released in 2009. This is a memorable orchestral comedy release with a distinctive Hollywood flair. Recorded by Capellen orchestra in Czech.

YouTube Channel DescriptionEdit

Two Steps From Hell proudly presents "The Devil Wears Nada"

A collection of orchestral music that covers styles of comedy, drama, adventure and family films, performed by the 80-piece world class Capellen Orchestra.

This album captures the true spirit of Hollywood with memorable themes, playful orchestrations and the power you've come to expect from Two Steps From Hell.

Composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix once again blur the line between film-score and trailer music, and bring something fresh to the world of film advertising.

Track ListEdit

Vol. 1 ComedyEdit

  1. Follow That Kid by Thomas Bergersen
  2. Midtown Mayhem by Nick Phoenix
  3. My Little Friend Max by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Leaping Lucifer by Nick Phoenix
  5. Secret Places by Nick Phoenix
  6. Professor Pumplestickle by Thomas Bergersen
  7. Venezuela by Nick Phoenix
  8. Baron Von Scheissenhausen by Nick Phoenix
  9. Levitating Lilimongers by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Little Ben by Nick Phoenix (later released on Demon's Dance and Classics Volume One)
  11. Liar Liar Pants on Fire by Thomas Bergersen
  12. I Smell a Rat by Nick Phoenix
  13. Love Doctor by Thomas Bergersen
  14. The Whistleblower by Thomas Bergersen
  15. Election Daze by Nick Phoenix
  16. Monkey Business by Thomas Bergersen (lyriced version later released on Halloween as "This Is Oh My Dear")
  17. Smirnoff by Thomas Bergersen
  18. Foggy Beginnings by Nick Phoenix
  19. Clock Tower Parade by Thomas Bergersen (later released on Classics Volume Two)

Vol. 2 AdventureEdit

  1. Broommaker's Assistant by Thomas Bergersen
  2. Say Yes by Thomas Bergersen
  3. To the Tower by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Sky Brigade by Thomas Bergersen
  5. We Can Fly by Thomas Bergersen
  6. Toys Come Alive by Thomas Bergersen
  7. Waltz of the Willows by Thomas Bergersen (later released on Demon's Dance and Halloween)
  8. Will We Ever Meet Again by Thomas Bergersen
  9. After the Fall by Nick Phoenix; feat. Aya Peard (later released on Invincible and Legacy)
  10. American Soldier by Thomas Bergersen
  11. Sunrise by Thomas Bergersen

Media UsageEdit

  • After the Fall was used in the "Take Earth Back" trailer for the video game "Mass Effect 3", a commercial for the television series "Pretty Little Liars" and the history channel documentary "Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved".


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