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"Shadows and Nightmares" was the second industry album released by Two Steps From Hell, and the second overall. It was released in 2006 and featured mostly horror-themed tracks along with a sound effects library. As of 2015, only nine songs have been released to the public and they are all on the Halloween album.

Description #1 (Taken from the TSFH website):Edit

Two Steps From Hell Shadows And Nightmares, released in 2006. This is a horror suspense release that combines custom sound design with live orchestra. Nick was the shadow and Thomas the nightmare, if you know what we mean. Confused? Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.

Description #2 (Taken from the TSFH YouTube Channel):Edit

On September 16th, 2006 Two Steps From Hell released SHADOWS AND NIGHTMARES, unique in its artistic melding of live orchestra effects and custom sound design. This library is a high impact, 2 CD box set featuring 108 cues delivered with fierce sonic power, acoustic depth and the highest production values. The category is horror and this release features horror beds and suspenseful themes, ethereal dreamscapes, huge hits and rises, horrific nightmares, and demonic chants in grotesque languages. '1408', 'Hannibal Rising', 'First Snow', 'The Mist', 'I Am Legend', 'Untraceable', 'Sweeney Todd' and many horror films, and scores of other films with heightened suspense, feature tracks from this release.

Track List:Edit

NOTE: Alternate versions of certain tracks are not represented here.

Vol. 1 Horror Edit

  1. Hammer of Doom by Nick Phoenix

  2. 2000 Leagues by Nick Phoenix

  3. Rising Darkness by Nick Phoenix (also released on Halloween)

  4. Messages Across Time by Nick Phoenix

  5. Satellite Photos by Nick Phoenix

  6. Surveilance by Nick Phoenix

  7. Precinct Breach by Nick Phoenix

  8. Crisis Gone Bad by Nick Phoenix

  9. Undead Chamber by Nick Phoenix

  10. Clues and Conspiracies

  11. Lord of Death by Nick Phoenix

  12. Unsolved

  13. Found at the Lake

  14. Smell of Death; feat. Merethe Soltvedt (possibly)

  15. Pane of Darkness by Nick Phoenix (also released on Halloween)

  16. Possessed Village by Nick Phoenix

  17. Silent Chill

  18. Lost Child

  19. She Rises (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween)

  20. Ritual of Ressurrection by Thomas Bergersen

  21. Nocturnal Prey (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  22. Ghost Town by Thomas Bergersen

  23. Ghostly Presence (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween)

  24. Tick Tock Goes the Clock by Thomas Bergersen

  25. Inhuman Growth (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween as "Welcome to Widow Woods")

  26. Mountains of Madness by Thomas Bergersen

  27. Loch Ness by Thomas Bergersen

  28. The Return of Life (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  29. Unholy Requiem (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  30. Cemetery Waltz (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (Also released on Halloween)

Vol. 2 HorrorEdit

  1. Death Grip 2 by Nick Phoenix

  2. Deathlook

  3. Heartpounder by Nick Phoenix

  4. Overheated by Nick Phoenix

  5. Smartbomb by Nick Phoenix

  6. Justification by Nick Phoenix

  7. Recon J74 by Nick Phoenix

  8. Evac by Nick Phoenix

  9. The Last 100 by Nick Phoenix

  10. Infinity by Nick Phoenix

  11. Extreme Crisis by Nick Phoenix

  12. Forbidden by Nick Phoenix

  13. Beneath the Floor

  14. Afterlife

  15. Demon Child by Nick Phoenix

  16. Empire of the Mind by Nick Phoenix

  17. Doomsday (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  18. Evil! (Part 1) (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween)

  19. Evil! (Part 2) (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  20. Demonic Procession (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  21. Come What May by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween)

  22. Betrayed (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  23. Face of Dhomor Devah (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  24. Awakening the Beat (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  25. Etergheros Charhela (Sacrificium) by Thomas Bergersen

  26. Bottomless Pit of Torment (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen (also released on Halloween)

  27. Eyes Wide Open (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  28. Discovery of Land (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  29. 20000 Tons of TNT (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

  30. Approaching Tsunami (Choir) by Thomas Bergersen

Vol. 3 Trailer ToolboxEdit

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  • Welcome to Widow Woods was used in an episode of The Innovators: The Men Who Built America.
  • "Inhuman Growth" is the first song to be renamed upon its public release.
  • This is the first album to have the sequel to a song be placed on the same album as its predecessor.
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