Power of Darkness

Power of Darkness Anthology is a public release version of the industry album Power of Darkness, released on August 1st, 2017. It featured many tracks that were previously unavailable for purchase to the public alongside alternative versions of these (and already-released) tracks.

Track List Edit

  1. Black Blade (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  2. Dark Harbor (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  3. Earth Rising (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Master of Shadows (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  5. Master of Shadows (Orchestral) by Nick Phoenix
  6. Fire Nation (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  7. Fire Nation (Duduk Intro) by Nick Phoenix
  8. Gravitation by Thomas Bergersen
  9. Fight the Machine by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Titan Dune (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  11. Freefall by Thomas Bergersen
  12. Freefall (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  13. Decimator (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  14. The Ancients (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  15. 72 Virgins (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  16. Atlas (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  17. Atlas (Instrumental Alt) by Thomas Bergersen
  18. Eternal Honor by Nick Phoenix
  19. Eternal Honor (Orchestral) by Nick Phoenix
  20. Ghost Brigades (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  21. He Who Brings the Night (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  22. Invincible (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  23. Ironheart (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  24. Ironwing (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  25. Kronos by Nick Phoenix
  26. Kronos (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  27. Magnan Imus (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  28. Norwegian Pirate (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  29. Power of Darkness (Orchestral) by Thomas Bergersen
  30. Ten Feet Tall by Nick Phoenix
  31. Ten Feet Tall (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  32. The Cross of Antiquan (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  33. The Soul That Must Awaken (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  34. Velocitron (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  35. What's Happening to Me (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  36. Clockmen by Nick Phoenix
  37. Clockmen (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix
  38. Bed of Nails by Nick Phoenix
  39. Argovia by Nick Phoenix
  40. Argovia (Instrumental) by Nick Phoenix

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, the original versions of "The Soul That Must Awaken" and "Ghost Brigades" are not included in this release.
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