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Pathogen" was the fifth industry album released and the fifth overall. It was released in 2007 and featured songs of the Epic Futrusitic Metal variety mostly composed by Nick Phoenix. Thus far, only five songs have been released to the public on albums Invincible, Demon's Dance and Halloween. A remixed version of Iron Soul, the only song composed solely by Thomas Bergersen on this album, was later released on Burn.

Description #1 (TSFH Website):Edit

Two Steps From Hell Pathogen released in 2007. Nick has always been interested in electronic sounds and synthesizer programming and Pathogen was an attempt to fuse electronica with epic film music. There are some real successes and a few epic fails! lol.

Description #2 (YouTube channel):Edit

A stunning fusion of Electronica, Dark metal, Orchestra and Other-Worldly Rock. 18 original compositions from Two Steps co-founder: Nick Phoenix.

"I've been wanting to do a cd like this for years, but somehow I just couldn't pull it off till now. I retro-fitted my studio with a ton of analogue gear and recorded many rock tracks at Cello in Hollywood, while it was closed to the public. Most tracks do not introduce any orchestra until late in the piece, so you can go with the pure electronica/rock vibe or use the artfully done, symbiotic, electronic/ orchestra hybrid sections. Pathogen has a lot of driving electronica, but also features other-worldly rock and eerie, horror rock tracks, as well. Pathogen is set up as a listening experience, and so is not categorized. This is perhaps the most fun I've had as a composer, and the tracks are fun to listen to, as well." -Nick Phoenix.

Track List:Edit

NOTE: Alternate versions of certain tracks are not represented.

  1. Kickdown by Nick Phoenix (later released on Demon's Dance)
  2. Shed my Skin by Nick Phoenix (later released on Halloween)
  3. Electro Freak by Nick Phoenix
  4. Pathogen by Nick Phoenix
  5. Ice Planet by Nick Phoenix; feat. Nick Phoenix (possibly)
  6. Otherworld by Nick Phoenix; feat. Nick Phoenix (possibly) (later released on Halloween)
  7. Deathslinger by Nick Phoenix
  8. Cannibal by Nick Phoenix (later released on Demon's Dance and Halloween)
  9. Crash by Nick Phoenix
  10. The Raven Talks Backwards by Nick Phoenix
  11. Beam of Light by Nick Phoenix
  12. Iron Soul by Thomas Bergersen
  13. Run 'n' Gun by Nick Phoenix
  14. War of Angels by Nick Phoenix; feat. Aya Peard
  15. Gothic Cowboy by Nick Phoenix
  16. Forsaken by Nick Phoenix
  17. Iron Nation by Nick Phoenix; feat. Aya Peard (possibly)
  18. False King by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix; feat. Aya Peard (alternate version later released on Invincible)


  • This is the first album to feature songs by mainly one composer, specifically Nick Phoenix.
  • False King is the first song to be released twice on two industry albums (see Nemesis).
  • Cannibal is the first song to be released twice to the public, first on Demon's Dance and then Halloween.
  • This is the first industry album where the composer for each song has been confirmed.
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