Outside of the industry albums compiled by Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen, there have been five other albums released under the Two Steps From Hell label, each composed by a person independent of the two main composers. As a result, none of these albums have been re-released to the public, nor are they mentioned on the official website. However, they are all still available on Extreme Music.

Sinners Edit


Sinners is an electronic metal album composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic that was released in 2011.

Track List Edit

  1. Mind Tricks
  2. Edge of my Blade
  3. Temptation Town
  4. Dark Resolution
  5. Natiri
  6. Soul Grinder
  7. Dead Bride Waltz
  8. Blue Forest
  9. Viking Grave
  10. Requiem for a Bullet
  11. Win or Die
  12. Agathon
  13. Evolved

Faction Edit


Faction is an album featuring dark drones and soundscapes and was released in 2012. It is composed by Boom Jinx, under the pseudonym Brad Rue.

Track List Edit

  1. Ables
  2. Agnia
  3. Cerberus
  4. Cupressus
  5. Danjon
  6. Dato
  7. Foros
  8. Galaga
  9. Gelria
  10. Harmuthia
  11. Helio
  12. Kalinga
  13. Kharan
  14. Kromer
  15. Lanzi
  16. Loki
  17. Mazumder
  18. Meernov
  19. Nibiru
  20. Nuwa
  21. Oberth
  22. Oceana
  23. Persephone
  24. Philagornia
  25. Rodari
  26. Sanctum
  27. Sfasu
  28. Swarf
  29. Sweekla
  30. Tixoor
  31. Trisov
  32. Xenar

Solaris Edit


Solaris is an epic futuristic metal album composed by Alex Pfeffer (who had initially contributed tracks to the industry albums Balls to the Wall and Nero) that was released in 2013.

Track List Edit

  1. The Day the Sky Opened
  2. This Must be the Mothership
  3. Steel Messenger
  4. Rise of the Abyss
  5. Massive Outbreak
  6. Start Again
  7. Invadorz
  8. Sergeant Steel
  9. Killing Spree
  10. Portals Over Earth
  11. Blood of the Titan
  12. Countries Burning
  13. Echoes and Ashes
  14. Hard Rain
  15. Locating the Core
  16. Special Unit
  17. Sweet Rampage
  18. One by One
  19. The Purifier
  20. First Incident

Orion Edit


Orion is an epic hybrid album composed by Michał Cielecki that was released in 2013.

Track List Edit

  1. Aeterna
  2. The Fire in Her Eyes
  3. Rain of Light
  4. Rebirth (feat. Zefora Alderman)
  5. Orion

Quarantine Edit


Quarantine is a sci-fi electronica album composed by Brad Rue (possibly his second album composed for the Two Steps From Hell label) that was released in 2014.

Track List Edit

  1. Arisen
  2. Mechanisma
  3. All Systems Go
  4. We Rule the World
  5. Guardians
  6. Iced
  7. Timeripper
  8. Wasteland
  9. Quarantine
  10. We Walk a Different Path
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