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Merethe Soltvedt (pronounced Maretta Soul-tvet) is a singer/songwriter that has appeared on various songs by Two Steps From Hell. She has also released her own albums, (titled Myopia and Audio Charm Bracelet) as well as three singles (In Your Arms, All or Nothing and You Can Go Miles).


From her Official WebsiteEdit

According to my parents I was singing from day 1. I remember loving the acoustics in the bathroom, and would sing in there for hours in my made-up version of English. I grew up listening to my dad´s Elvis records (he´d give me the 45 rpm singles), and I guess that contributed to giving my musical style an American feel to it.

I wrote my first song in real English in the 5th grade, and since then I have looked for ways to form thoughts, feelings and wishes into 3-3:30 minute long musical stories, through trial and error. Working alongside songwriting coach and Berklee College of Music Online Instructor, Neil Diercks, gave piles of further insight, and co-writing with Grammy winning songwriters in Los Angeles has been mind blowing. I now also teach songwriting.

My brother introduced me to Rock Music as a teenager, and I started a Rock Band named Volvulus where I played lead guitar and did back up vocals. Writing songs for a band was more about the riffs and the melodies, and when I rediscovered my acoustic guitar, the singer songwriter world became more important to me since the lyrics played a bigger role. I had a lot to say...

I used to have terrible stage fright. To the point of throwing up before going on stage, and trying to hide while being up there. Fortunately, over time, I grew out of the fear into enjoying the rush. The connection with the audience, and hearing their stories after a performance, there are no words big enough to explain how rewarding that is. I still get a bit nervous before I go on stage, but I think that just makes me want to give more, and I´ve learned to go with the flow and have fun with it. It´s MUSIC! If you´re not having fun with it, you´re doing something wrong...

Over the last few years I have had the honor of performing with a full orchestra and choir in Walt Disney Concert Hall, with big time Rock Stars in Norway, and with International Stars in Holland.

I have played different venues, big and small, with a full band and stripped down acoustic sets, and the beauty of the connection with musicians and listeners is the same all around.

I am grateful and happy that music chose me. Thank you!

Track List Edit

Industry Albums Edit

Volume One Edit

  • Breath of Cold Air
  • Wind Queen
  • The Truth Unravels
  • Prophecies
  • Guns and Oil (possibly)

Shadows and Nightmares Edit

  • Smell of Death (possibly)

Dynasty Edit

  • Procession
  • Thermopolis

Nemesis Edit

  • Enigmatic Soul
  • False King
  • Friendship to Last

Dreams & Imaginations Edit

  • Sun Gazer

Legend Edit

  • Werewolves (Vox) (possibly)

Illumina Edit

  • She Sees the Future (possibly)

Nero Edit

  • United We Stand Divided We Fall
  • Strength of a Thousand Men
  • My Freedom

Two Steps From Heaven Edit

  • Cassandra (possibly)

Burn Edit

  • Strength of a Thousand Men
  • El Dorado (possibly)
  • For the Win
  • Not Your Soul

Open Conspiracy Edit

  • Frayed Legacy (possibly)

Public Albums Edit

Invincible Edit

  • Enigmatic Soul
  • False King

Archangel Edit

  • United We Stand Divided We Fall
  • Strength of a Thousand Men
    • She performed the vocals to this song at the Two Steps From Hell concert.
  • Friendship to Last
    • First song she sings with lyrics.

SkyWorld Edit

  • El Dorado (possibly)
  • All the King's Horses
  • For the Win
  • Breathe

Miracles Edit

  • Stay (possibly with Thomas Bergersen)
    • First song she sings with lyrics in the English language and one of two songs she writes the lyrics for.
  • Sun Gazer
  • Eyes Closing
  • Perfect Love
  • My Freedom
  • Breath of Cold Air (uncredited)
  • Wind Queen
  • Compass
    • The second of two songs she writes the lyrics for.

Battlecry Edit

Legacy Edit

  • Strength of a Thousand Men
  • For the Win
  • My Freedom (uncredited)

Unleashed Edit

  • Unleashed
  • Impossible

Dragon Edit

Other Work Edit

Audio Charm Bracelet Edit

  • Back Where I Started
  • The Letter
  • Volunteer Park
  • Illusion
  • Shut Up
  • Friends
  • Velvet and Fireworks
  • Float On My Song
  • Can't Hear
  • Pep Talk to Self
  • Insomnia

Myopia Edit

  • Sign Me Up
  • Blood on the Playground
  • Forever (In Our Hearts)
  • Shut Up or Change the Subject
  • Almost
  • Hearts Broken Slowly

First Hand Edit

  • All or Nothing
  • Sign Me Up
  • You Can Go Miles
  • Give Me Something
  • Someday Soon
  • Blood on the Playground
  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • One More Minute
  • Hearts Broken Slowly
  • Shut Up or Change the Subject

Illusions by Thomas Bergersen Edit

  • Ocean Princess
  • Gift of Life
  • Merchant Prince (with Kate St. Pierre)
  • Promise
  • Immortal
  • Remember Me

Sun by Thomas Bergersen Edit

  • Sun
  • Final Frontier
  • Always Mine
  • Empire of Angels
  • Two Hearts

Worlds of Wonder by Audiomachine Edit

  • Lullaby Of The Siren

Xplorers by Brand X Music Edit

  • Kingdom in the Sky

Portal by Brand X Music Edit

  • Weightless
  • Skylantis
  • Legacy
  • Patience
  • Watch Tower

Meta by Brand X Music Edit

  • Sky and Thunder
  • Catatonic

Immortalys by Ivan Torrent Edit

  • Iron Angels

Cinematic Indie Volume One by Brand X Music Edit

  • Lakeview
  • Gaia

Kinetic by Brand X Music Edit

  • Entrada
  • Evergreen

World and Ethnic Volume 3 by Brand X Music Edit

  • Norwegian Fjord

Breath of Life by Dustin Krizan Edit

  • It's Done

Deconstruct by Brand X Music Edit

  • Red Planet

Wings of Apocalypse by Eternal Eclipse Edit

  • Inferia
  • Twilight Huntress

A World Of Color by End Of Silence Edit

  • This Too Shall Pass

Singles, Standalone Tracks and Collaborations Edit

  • All or Nothing (Unplugged)
  • In Your Arms (originally Memories from Dreams & Imaginations)
  • Feeling Good (Cover) by Ghostwriter
  • Dream On by Ghostwriter
  • You Can Go Miles
  • Light of the World by Nick Murray
  • World of Fireflies by Jasper Blunk
  • Welcome to the Jungle by Ghostwriter
  • The Hero in Your Heart by Thomas Bergersen
  • Children of the Sun by Thomas Bergersen
  • Neverafter by Johannes Ringen
  • Lullaby of the Siren by audiomachine
  • Aathma by Persefone
  • Until It's Over by Johannes Fischer & Ori Uplift
  • We Are All One by Daniel Mallender, Tom Hill and Daniel Burrows
  • Nyneve's Dream by Arn Andersson & Mark Brittingham
  • The Next You (Nyneve) by Arn Andersson & Mark Brittingham
  • The Summit (Nyneve) by Arn Andersson & Mark Brittingham
  • Ascension by Dirk Ehlert
  • Hope is a Ghost by Angelflare
  • Stitches by Angelflare
  • Pure Imagination by Brian Nguyen (of Ghostwriter Music)
  • Hope is a Ghost (Epic Version) by Angelflare
  • The Whispers Of Destiny by Marco Vernacchia

Trivia Edit

  • Soltvedt has also appeared on Thomas Bergersen's solo albums Illusions and Sun.
    • She also provided the vocals for Bergersen's singles The Hero in Your Heart (for which she also wrote the lyrics) and Children of the Sun.
  • Along with Aya Peard, she was present at the Two Steps From Hell concert in Walt Disney hall.
    • She performed Black Blade, Ocean Princess, Remember Me, Strength of a Thousand Men, To Glory and Breathe.
      • Her performance on To Glory marks the first song to have added vocals in their live iteration.
  • She is the first vocalist to sing a song on a public album and write the lyrics.
  • Her appearance in Wind Queen, which is a song from Volume One, makes her the longest-running vocalist that Two Steps From Hell has.
  • She is the first vocalist to be featured on a redone version of a song, providing vocals for the Miracles versions of Parfait Amour and Eyes Closing.
  • She was featured at the unofficial Two Steps From Hell concert in Prague, 2018. She sung on Strength of a Thousand Men, Ocean Princess, Flight of the Silverbird, Victory and (in a reprise) Remember Me.
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