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Legacy, released in 2015, was the ninth public album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirty-first overall. It essentially served as a compilation album, featuring 23 tracks that were previously featured on prior public albums. Despite being released exclusively in Japan, it can also be purchased on Amazon.

Industry-wise, many of these tracks were also released on Dynasty, Nemesis, Legend, The Devil Wears Nada, Power of Darkness, Nero and Amaria, meaning some of these tracks were being featured on an album for the third or fourth time.

Track List Edit

Albums that are in bold signify that the version of the track available on this album is featured.

# Title Composer From Vocalist Featured
1 Heart of Courage Thomas Bergersen Legend/Invincible N/A
2 Black Blade Thomas Bergersen Power of Darkness/Invincible Francesca Genco
3 Fill My Heart Nick Phoenix Legend/Invincible Aya Peard
4 Protectors of the Earth Thomas Bergersen Legend/Invincible N/A
5 To Glory Thomas Bergersen Invincible/Nero N/A
6 After the Fall Nick Phoenix The Devil Wears Nada/Invincible Aya Peard
7 Archangel Thomas Bergersen Nero/Archangel Thomas Bergersen (possibly; uncredited)
8 Everlasting Nick Phoenix Nero/Archangel Aya Peard
9 Strength of a Thousand Men Thomas Bergersen Nero/Archangel Merethe Soltvedt
10 Norwegian Pirate Thomas Bergersen Power of Darkness/Archangel N/A
11 Dragon Rider Thomas Bergersen Dynasty/Archangel N/A
12 Hunter's Moon Thomas Bergersen Nemesis/Halloween N/A
13 Titan Dream Nick Phoenix SkyWorld Aya Peard, Nick Phoenix & C. C. White
14 SkyWorld Thomas Bergersen SkyWorld N/A
15 Winterspell Thomas Bergersen SkyWorld N/A
16 Blackheart Thomas Bergersen SkyWorld N/A
17 For the Win Thomas Bergersen SkyWorld Merethe Soltvedt
18 Ocean Kingdom Nick Phoenix SkyWorld Aya Peard
19 Jump! Thomas Bergersen Power of Darkness/Classics Volume One N/A
20 Sons of War Thomas Bergersen Nemesis/Demon's Dance/Classics Volume One N/A
21 My Freedom Thomas Bergersen Nero/Miracles Merethe Soltvedt (uncredited)
22 Vengeance Thomas Bergersen Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (as Fire Mountain)/Amaria N/A
23 Welcome to Amaria Thomas Bergersen Amaria/Battlecry (as Amaria) N/A

Trivia Edit

  • A pamphlet appears with the album, explaining in Japanese what trailer music is and the history of Two Steps From Hell.
  • This is the first album to be released exclusively in one country.
  • This is the first time Hunter's Moon and Vengeance are available in a CD format, as they were previously featured on albums that could only be purchased in a downloadable format.
  • This is the first time the Amaria versions of Vengeance/Fire Mountain and Welcome to Amaria/Amaria are featured on a public album, as the former was edited before it was released on Amaria and the latter was edited before it was released on Battlecry.
  • This is one of two albums to not feature any new compositions, along with Archangel.
  • This is one of six albums not featured on Extreme Music, along with ArchangelDemon's DanceHalloween, Colin Frake on Fire Mountain, and Classics Volume Two.
    • All of the songs included can be found in their original albums, however.
  • This is the seventh time that Bergersen (18) is featured more often than Phoenix (5) in a public album.

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