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Information Edit

Impossible, released in February 2018, was the thirteenth public album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirty-eighth overall. It was the second Japan-exclusive, after Legacy, and, just like its predecessor, was a compilation album. Previously, these songs had been released on Battlecry, Classics Volume Two, Vanquish and Unleashed.

Track List Edit

# Title Composer From Later Released On Vocalist Featured
1 Victory Thomas Bergersen Battlecry N/A Merethe Soltvedt
2 Stormkeeper Nick Phoenix


3 Pegasus Thomas Bergersen Vanquish N/A Felicia Farerre (uncredited)
4 Impossible Thomas Bergersen Unleashed N/A Merethe Soltvedt
5 Enchantress Thomas Bergersen Vanquish N/A N/A
6 Neverdark Nick Phoenix Classics Volume Two N/A N/A
7 Blackout Nick Phoenix


N/A Felicia Farerre (uncredited)
8 Final Days of Rome Nick Phoenix Unleashed N/A Felicia Farerre
9 High C's Thomas Bergersen Vanquish N/A N/A
10 Flight of the Silverbird Thomas Bergersen


11 Stallion Thomas Bergersen Vanquish N/A Jenifer Thigpen (uncredited)
12 Never Give Up On Your Dreams Thomas Bergersen Unleashed N/A N/A
13 Cannon in D Minor Thomas Bergersen


14 Fall of the Fountain World Nick Phoenix Vanquish N/A Felicia Farerre and Asja Kadric (uncredited)
15 Unleashed Thomas Bergersen Unleashed N/A Merethe Soltvedt
16 Star Sky Thomas Bergersen


N/A Felicia Farerre (uncredited)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second album to be released exclusively in one country.
  • The booklet has instances of missing or misinformation, such as not listing some vocalists or attributing the songs to the wrong initial album.
  • This is the ninth time that Thomas Bergersen has more songs featured than Nick Phoenix, with 11 songs to the latter's five.

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