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Information Edit

Hammerfist, released in late February, 2017, was the twenty-fourth industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirty-sixth overall. It contains tracks composed by Thomas Bergersen. The album is mainly a trailer cue album, featuring drums and percussion, a follow-up of sorts to All Drums Go To Hell and Balls To The Wall. Artwork for the album was done by Ryo Ishido Brighton.

Track List Edit

  1. Hellbender by Thomas Bergersen
  2. Dampveiwaltz by Thomas Bergersen
  3. One Way Ticket by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Souldrainer by Thomas Bergersen
  5. No Friend of Mine by Thomas Bergersen
  6. Beat the Dead Horse by Thomas Bergersen
  7. Tarzania by Thomas Bergersen
  8. Start the Machine by Thomas Bergersen
  9. Congo by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Avenge Me by Thomas Bergersen
  11. Wrecking Team by Thomas Bergersen
  12. British Intelligence by Thomas Bergersen
  13. Drill to the Head by Thomas Bergersen
  14. Magnetic Contact by Thomas Bergersen
  15. Military Huckleberry by Thomas Bergersen
  16. Nice Day For a Stroll by Thomas Bergersen
  17. Jackhammer Hymn by Thomas Bergersen
  18. Steal the Car by Thomas Bergersen
  19. Don't Snare Me In by Thomas Bergersen

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first album to be released in 2017, and the first industry album since Stronger Faster Braver in 2015.
  • Hammerfist was also the name of one of the tracks in Too Big to Fail. This makes it the second album to be named after a song featured in another album, the first being Stronger Faster Braver.
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