Demon's Dancr


Demon's Dance was an "Two Steps From Hell" app-exclusive album published by Two Steps From Hell in 2012. It was a compilation album that featured 18 songs from industry albums All Drums Go To Hell, Pathogen, Nemesis, Legend, Ashes, The Devil Wears Nada and Illumina as well as one new composition. A number of these songs would go on to be re-released on Halloween, Classics Volume One and Legacy and the album itself would become unavailable after the app disappeared from online stores.

Track List:Edit

Tracks with a * are altered from their original versions.

Since the album was released on an app and did not list the composer's name next to the individual songs, some are classified as being created by an "unknown" composer as no information exists as to who the actual composer is.

  1. Fields of Blood by Thomas Bergersen (from Legend)
  2. Cannibal by Nick Phoenix (from Pathogen, later released on Halloween)
  3. Caspia (from All Drones Go to Hell; feat. Aya Peard (unconfirmed))
  4. Demon's Dance by Thomas Bergersen
  5. Sons of War by Thomas Bergersen (from Nemesis, later released on Classics Volume One and Legacy)
  6. Moonlight Armies by Troels Folmann (from Legend)
  7. Never Forget by Troels Folmann (from Legend)
  8. Shoot to Kill* by Thomas Bergersen (from All Drums Go To Hell)
  9. ASAP by Nick Phoenix (from Legend)
  10. Forces of Destiny by Troels Folmann (from Legend)
  11. Red Omen by Thomas Bergersen (from Nemesis, later released on Halloween)
  12. Global Waste by Thomas Bergersen (from Illumina)
  13. Kickdown by Nick Phoenix (from Pathogen)
  14. Little Ben by Nick Phoenix (from The Devil Wears Nada, later released on Classics Volume One)
  15. Exhumed by Thomas Bergersen (from Ashes, later released on Halloween)
  16. Waltz of the Willows by Thomas Bergersen (from The Devil Wears Nada, later released on Halloween)
  17. Photos in Darkness by Nick Phoenix (from Ashes, later released on Halloween)
  18. Dreams of the Dead by Nick Phoenix (from Legend)
  19. Swingset Murders by Nick Phoenix (from Ashes, later released on Halloween)


  • This album can be thought of as a "Best of Legend" album, as it features six songs from it.
  • This was currently the only album intended for the public to feature Troels Folmann as well as uncredited songs.
  • This is one of six albums not available on Extreme Music, alongside Archangel, Halloween, Colin Frake on Fire Mountain, Legacy and Classics Volume Two.
  • This is one of only three albums that are not available in CD format.
  • This is the first time tracks from Illumina have been featured on an album that was intended for the public.
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