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Colin Frake on Fire Mountain, released in 2014, was the seventh public album released by Two Steps From Hell and the twenty-seventh overall. It features 14 completely new tracks, composed mostly by Thomas Bergersen. Two of these tracks would later be re-released on industry album Amaria.

This album is unique in the sense that it was composed with the intent of being a soundtrack to a book of the same name penned by Nick Phoenix, the first in a proposed series.

It is also unique in that, unlike previous albums, it reuses its melodies in later tracks in the manner of a film score. For example, "Talia's Theme" is restated in a slower, more hesitant way at about 6:50 in the track "Reanne".

In April 2017, the official successor of Colin Frake on Fire Mountain, Colin Frake Asclepius was released.

Track List Edit

# Title Composer Later Released On Vocalist Featured
1 Colin Frake Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
2 Prologue Thomas Bergersen Amaria (as Magic Entrance) N/A
3 Legend of Velkee Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
4 Nightwood Nick Phoenix N/A Nick Phoenix (uncredited)
5 Fire Mountain Thomas Bergersen Amaria and Legacy (as Vengeance and with some minor changes) N/A
6 Gore's Theme Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
7 Light Comes Before Dark Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
8 He's the Giant Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
9 Hadrian's Demon Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
10 Talia's Theme Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
11 Battle at Hoback Nick Phoenix N/A N/A
12 Queen of the Forest Nick Phoenix N/A N/A
13 Reanne Thomas Bergersen N/A N/A
14 Downstream Nick Phoenix N/A Nick Phoenix (uncredited)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the fifth time that Bergersen has been featured more than Phoenix in a public album, with 10 songs to the latter's four.
  • This is the fourth time Nick Phoenix is featured as a vocalist.
  • This is one of six public albums not featured on Extreme Music, along with Archangel, Demon's Dance, Halloween, Legacy and Classics Volume Two.
  • This is the second public album to feature songs that would later be re-released on both industry and public albums, following Invincible.
    • However, it is the first public album where the re-released songs ended up being renamed.
  • This is currently one of only three public albums to feature solely new compositions, followed by Vanquish and Unleashed.
  • This is the shortest public album track-wise, only featuring 14 all together.
    • This is also the shortest album length-wise, lasting 44 minutes and 31 seconds.
  • Queen of the Forest, with a total length of 1 minutes and 35 seconds, is the shortest track featured on the album. Ironically, it is immediately succeeded by Reanne, the longest piece on the album which lasts eight minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Excluding Demon's Dance, Legend of Velkee is Bergersen's 100th public song released under the TSFH label.
  • Out of all the public albums, this album features the least amount of vocals, with two. Neither of the tracks even credit their featured vocalist.

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