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Balls to the Wall was the fourteenth industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the fifteenth overall. Published in 2011, it was another Percussion album, following All Drums Go To Hell, and, similar to Legend, featured some tracks by a new composer: Alex Pfeffer. Unlike the industry albums released before it, no songs have been rereleased to the public from this album.

Official Website Description: Edit

Two Steps From Heaven released in 2011. This is a massively epic percussion release with large drum ensembles recorded in Los Angeles. Lots of real percussion mixed with electronic rhythmscapes. Its BALLS TO THE WALL!

YouTube Channel Description: Edit

Two Steps From Hell presents "Balls To The Wall." Epic drums and furiously pounding sound design from the depths of..... well you know where. 42 polished tracks with lead ins, intros, stops and swells. These tracks have real energy and style and feature some percussive talent from the LA area. Recorded at East West Studios in Hollywood and various locations in Europe. These extraordinarily high quality sound beds have been produced by Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen and Alex Pfeffer.

Track List: Edit

  1. 10000 Watts by Thomas Bergersen
  2. All Taikos Go To Hell
  3. Army of Drummers by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Bait
  5. Balls to the Wall by Thomas Bergersen
  6. Bob the Bot by Alexander Pfeffer
  7. Bunker Buster
  8. Charge
  9. Concrete Collapsing by Alexander Pfeffer
  10. Crescendo in Crash Minor by Alexander Pfeffer
  11. Cutting the Wire by Alexander Pfeffer
  12. Dead End
  13. Death Machines
  14. Dim the Lights by Thomas Bergersen
  15. Domo Arigato
  16. Eisenwolf by Alexander Pfeffer
  17. Escalation
  18. Fight the Clock
  19. Flip the Switch
  20. Frogman of Alcatraz
  21. Gamechanger
  22. Holdout
  23. Infected Cloud by Alexander Pfeffer
  24. Is it Dead by Alexander Pfeffer
  25. March of Destruction by Alexander Pfeffer
  26. Men of Thunder
  27. Metzger from Hell by Alexander Pfeffer
  28. Mind Crusher
  29. Missile Command
  30. Nuclear Sunrise by Alexander Pfeffer
  31. Over My Dead Body
  32. Rise of the Razors by Alexander Pfeffer
  33. Robocode
  34. Tattoo Drum Corps by Thomas Bergersen
  35. The Hollywood Droid by Alexander Pfeffer
  36. These Boots Are Made for Crushing by Alexander Pfeffer
  37. Tribal Sacrifice
  38. Wave of Steel by Alexander Pfeffer
  39. We Are Fucked
  40. Wheres Waldo by Alexander Pfeffer

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the first industry album to not have any songs be re-released to the public.
  • This is the first album that features a song where a curse word is used in the composition's title.
  • This is the second percussion-oriented album, after All Drums Go To Hell.
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