This guideline will explain how to structure an article based on an album.

Infobox Edit

There should be an infobox aligned to the left that showcases the important information about the album, specifically its name, image (get it off of Extreme Music if possible - those are usually the best quality), what album preceded it (if it's a public album, put both the industry and public albums that preceded it) and what album succeeded it (same logic applies).

Information Edit

All information paragraphs should follow the same structure. First, state what number album this is (e.g. Nemesis is the sixth industry album to be released by Two Steps From Hell and the sixth overall). Then, give a sentence explaining the genre of the album. Finally, (this only applies to industry albums) state how many songs were re-released to the public from the albums and then list the albums with links leading readers to their pages.

Official Website Description Edit

The Two Steps From Hell website has its own description of several (but not all) of their albums. When applicable, their description should be copied and pasted in this area of the article.

YouTube Channel Description Edit

Their YouTube channel also has playlists of several of their albums and when you click the "more information" button on their playlists, they usually have supplied another summary of this album. This should also be copied and pasted here.

Track List Edit

Put volume headings where appropriate and then simply list the songs.

  • When appropriate, put in italicized parentheses next to the song that states the album in which it was re-released in/released from.
  • For public albums, place the composer name next to the song.
  • Songs that have vocalists should also have italicized parentheses stating the vocalist's name.

Media Edit

List here where the songs cropped up in popular media! It would be even better if you could link it to the commercial/media itself!

Trivia Edit

Place here some interesting trivia about the album.