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Information Edit

Amaria, released in 2014, was the twenty-first industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the twenty-eighth overall. It was a new age album composed by Thomas Bergersen that featured nine completely new tracks alongside two that were re-released and re-named from their original release on Colin Frake on Fire Mountain (i.e. Prologue and Fire Mountain). Despite it's being an industry album, it became immensely popular among the fans and two songs would later be re-released on public albums Battlecry, Legacy and Classics Volume Two.

Track List Edit

  1. Welcome to Amaria by Thomas Bergersen (altered version later released on Battlecry as "Amaria" and original version later released on Legacy)
  2. A Blanket of Snow by Thomas Bergersen
  3. New Machine by Thomas Bergersen
  4. Riders by Thomas Bergersen (later released on Classics Volume Two)
  5. More Than Friends by Thomas Bergersen
  6. Magic Entrance by Thomas Bergersen (originally released on Colin Frake on Fire Mountain as "Prologue")
  7. Vengeance by Thomas Bergersen (originally released on Colin Frake on Fire Mountain as "Fire Mountain" with some minor changes and later released on Legacy)
  8. Chase the Light by Thomas Bergersen
  9. Companions by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Adventures of Gillock by Thomas Bergersen
  11. Machine Dreams by Thomas Bergersen

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third industry album that features tracks composed solely by Thomas Bergersen, after Two Steps From Heaven and Burn.
  • Many fans speculate that this album is based off of a series called "The Chronicles of Narnia", since the cover art features a "big cat", at least one lamppost, snow and some kind of opening, all of which can also be found in the second book in the series entitled "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".
    • The name "Amaria" is also very similar to "Narnia", with some minor changes to the organization and lettering.
  • Amaría and Amaria can mean "(I/he/she) would love" in several languages.
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