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"All Drums Go To Hell" was the fourth industry album released and the fourth released overall. It was released in 2007 and heavily featured percussion instruments, hence the title. Thus far, only three songs have been released to the public on public albums Demon's Dance and Halloween.

Notably, Nuclear Meltdown and Norwegian Devil would also be re-used as the background drums for Red Omen and Nemesis from Nemesis.

Description #1 (Taken from the TSFH Website):Edit

Two Steps From Hell Volume 1 released in 2007. This is a monster percussion cd with over 60 driving tracks and some interesting ones like "Diabolical Clockwork" used in the trailer for "no Country For Old Men."

Description #2 (Taken from the TSFH YouTube Channel):Edit

On July 9th, 2007, Two Steps From Hell released ALL DRUMS GO TO HELL: a furious, rhythmic explosion of drums from Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. This release features 64 tracks of percussive urgency, fantastic rhythmic artistry, massive hits and stunning rhythmic rises. ALL DRUMS GO TO HELL covers 5 categories: Huge Action, Electro-Death, Hell Dojo, Suspense Thriller and Modern Ethnic- perfect for any high-end Blockbuster movie trailer and motion picture advertising campaign. All cues are meta-tagged using Soundminer for Music Supervisor and Editor's convenience.

Please see the All Drums newsletter for more detailed information. And be sure to listen for our track "Diabolic Clockwork", which sets the tone for the entire back end of the "No Country For Old Men" Academy trailer. Roger Ebert says "'No Country' is perfect. One Hell of a film."

Track List:Edit

NOTE: Alternate Versions of Tracks are not listed.

Vol. 1 Drums & Percussion Edit

  1. Hellraiser Brigade by Thomas Bergersen
  2. Death Came Early That Year by Thomas Bergersen (later released on Halloween)
  3. Shoot to Kill by Thomas Bergersen (alternate version later released on Demon's Dance)
  4. Industrial Mayhem by Thomas Bergersen
  5. Barrage of Noise by Thomas Bergersen
  6. Armored Cars by Nick Phoenix
  7. Carnival From Hell by Thomas Bergersen
  8. Freedom Army by Thomas Bergersen
  9. Code of Honor by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Disturbing Power by Nick Phoenix
  11. Guerilla Raid by Thomas Bergersen
  12. Impending Fury by Thomas Bergersen
  13. Fists of Steel by Thomas Bergersen
  14. Bionics by Nick Phoenix
  15. Chasing the Dragon by Thomas Bergersen
  16. Emperor's Assassin by Nick Phoenix
  17. Hara-Kiri by Nick Phoenix
  18. Flight From the Monastery by Nick Phoenix
  19. Jun Mai by Nick Phoenix
  20. Building Jumper by Nick Phoenix
  21. Desert Runner by Nick Phoenix
  22. Diabolical Clockwork by Thomas Bergersen (altered version later released on Halloween)
  23. Hidden Identity by Nick Phoenix
  24. Foreign Identity by Nick Phoenix
  25. Images of Horror by Thomas Bergersen
  26. Desperate Protocol by Nick Phoenix
  27. Border Patrol by Thomas Bergersen
  28. Lord of Two Lands by Thomas Bergersen
  29. Operation Sandstorm (Instrumental) by Thomas Bergersen
  30. Jungle Fever by Thomas Bergersen
  31. Dance with the Devil by Nick Phoenix

Vol. 2 Drums & Percussion Edit

  1. Ultimate Countdown by Nick Phoenix
  2. Norwegian Devil by Thomas Bergersen (used again in Nemesis from Nemesis)
  3. Path of Destruction
  4. Smoke Em by Nick Phoenix
  5. Oedipus Raax by Nick Phoenix
  6. Secret Island by Nick Phoenix
  7. Witchburner by Nick Phoenix
  8. Rampant Carnage by Nick Phoenix
  9. Tagged Rendezvous by Thomas Bergersen
  10. Off the Cliff by Nick Phoenix
  11. Run Like Hell by Nick Phoenix
  12. Rocket Hammer by Nick Phoenix
  13. Nuclear Meltdown by Thomas Bergersen (used again in Red Omen from Nemesis)
  14. Raging Horde by Thomas Bergersen
  15. Sleepwalker by Thomas Bergersen
  16. Sudden Strike by Thomas Bergersen
  17. Wave of Death by Thomas Bergersen
  18. Voltenstein by Nick Phoenix
  19. Hyperbug by Nick Phoenix
  20. Second Coming by Nick Phoenix
  21. Terror Tunnels by Nick Phoenix
  22. Iridium Factor by Nick Phoenix
  23. Extinction by Nick Phoenix
  24. Skull Crusher by Thomas Bergersen
  25. Toxic Rain by Thomas Bergersen
  26. Kamakura by Nick Phoenix
  27. Uganda and South by Nick Phoenix
  28. Operation Sandstorm by Thomas Bergersen
  29. Triassic by Nick Phoenix
  30. Zoologic Stampede by Thomas Bergersen

Trivia: Edit

  • Diabolical Clockwork was used in the trailer for No Country for Old Men.
  • Shoot to Kill is the first song to have its alternate version released on a public album instead of its original version.
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