All Drones go to Hell
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All Drones Go to Hell (or Mystical Beginnings) was the twelfth industry album released by Two Steps From Hell and the thirteenth overall. Published in 2010, it was New Age album. As of 2016, only one song has been re-released to the public on Demon's Dance, but one song has been re-released on Illumina, which is an industry album.

Official Website Description: Edit

Two Steps From Heaven Mystical beginnings (also known as All Drones Go To Hell) released in 2010. Drones and soundscapes meld with live singers and soloists, creating some amazing intros and background tracks.

YouTube Channel Description: Edit

Finally, Two Steps releases a very focused and original drones/trailer toolkit library. There is some amazing sound design in here. But "All Drones Go To Hell" takes the concept a step further and adds live cello, duduk, ney flute, irish lo whistle, electric violin and some incredible female vocalists, creating some very inspiring sound beds. Soloists include Azam Ali (300) and Tina Guo (Sherlock Holmes). "All Drones.." also features deep drones, pulsing drones, hits, modern fx, booms and huge rises that will make your life a little easier.

These extraordinarily high quality sound beds have been produced in Nick Phoenix's state of the art new studio at Remote Control.

Track List: Edit

Vol. 1 Drones with Soloists Edit

  1. A Growing Feeling
  2. Bamboozel
  3. Before the Battle
  4. Caspia (later released on Demon's Dance); feat. Aya Peard
  5. Corruption
  6. Countdown to Insanity
  7. Divide
  8. Dominion
  9. Dreams of the Seven feat. Aya Peard (possibly)
  10. Duduction
  11. Earth
  12. Fallen City feat. Aya Peard (possibly)
  13. False Prince
  14. Fragments of Your Imagination
  15. From the Past
  16. Gravity
  17. Highlands
  18. Into the West
  19. Irganon
  20. It Always Comes
  21. Lazuri feat. Aya Peard
  22. Loner
  23. Mountaintops
  24. Mystical Beginnings
  25. Resting Place
  26. Seeds of Fury
  27. Sole Survivor
  28. Staff of Lightning
  29. Symbols in the Sand
  30. The Golden Falls
  31. The Wind is Watching
  32. Tragic Dragon
  33. Transcending
  34. Tree of Forgiveness feat. Aya Peard
  35. Trekka
  36. Ultimate Sacrifice
  37. Unter Flow
  38. Vatinime
  39. Voice of the Underworld
  40. Walking to Damascus
  41. Water Temple
  42. Way to Earth
  43. We Will Bury You feat. Aya Peard (possibly)
  44. White Plains

Vol. 2 Edit

  1. A Game of Marbles (Pulse)
  2. Alananochna (Pulse)
  3. Bad as Bombay (Pulse)
  4. Bad Prophet (Pulse)
  5. Blade Gunner (Pulse)
  6. Blanket of Infinity (Pulse)
  7. Deliverance (Pulse)
  8. Disfunctional Reality (Pulse)
  9. Distorted Brainwaves (Pulse)
  10. Dominion (Pulse)
  11. Electro Magnetic People (Pulse)
  12. Flux (Pulse)
  13. Gravity (Pulse)
  14. Jibraltar (Pulse)
  15. Kingdom (Pulse)
  16. Meda of Darkness (Pulse)
  17. Mind Eater (Pulse)
  18. Mountaintops (Pulse)
  19. Night Falls (Pulse)
  20. No One Told Me (Pulse)
  21. Presidio (Pulse)
  22. Rendevous (Pulse)
  23. Supernatural Highway (Pulse)
  24. Tahad (Pulse)
  25. The Frail (Pulse) (new version later released on Illumina)
  26. Tomb Vader (Pulse)
  27. Unter Flow (Pulse)
  28. Vatinime (Pulse)
  29. Visions of Myself (Pulse)
  30. Wheels in the Sky
  31. 5 Billion Lightyears Away
  32. Ancient Idols
  33. Bowed Chinese
  34. Bowels of the Beast
  35. Call Me Mr. Mental (Pulse)
  36. Cello Submarine
  37. Clandista
  38. Clues (Pulse)
  39. Crystal Ball
  40. Dark Beauty
  41. Deception
  42. Deep Wild
  43. Destructo
  44. Divide
  45. Dragonbreath
  46. Forest Whistle
  47. Frozen Insect
  48. Fry my Brain (Pulse)
  49. God is Near
  50. Godstone
  51. Horizon
  52. Hubble
  53. Leave no Witness (Pulse)
  54. Lord of Bells
  55. Lurkers
  56. Mass Reflex
  57. Molecular Level
  58. Msalem 1
  59. Msalem 2
  60. Mystical Beginnings (Pulse)
  61. No Sign of Life
  62. Plucked Violins
  63. Serious Implications
  64. Snow Fortress
  65. Solar Thunder
  66. Something Incredible
  67. Soul Mirror (Pulse)
  68. Spirit Catcher
  69. Stardate
  70. Tesla Underground (Pulse)
  71. The Deep
  72. Tree of Forgiveness
  73. Visions of Myself
  74. Water Temple

Trailer Toolkit Edit

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Trivia: Edit

  • This album has the most amount of track of any industry album, with 198.
  • Despite not having been released on any public album, Mystical Beginnings was performed at the Two Steps From Hell concert.
  • Before The Battle is used in Femme Fatale, from Thomas Bergersen's solo album Illusions.
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